Millennials to Revitalise Intramuros! Competition for Escuela Taller Expansion Area in Intramuros

Millennials to Revitalise Intramuros!  

Competition for Escuela Taller Expansion Area in Intramuros


Creative Millennials are invited to conceptualize how training facilities can be integrated with the historic Intramuros fortifications.

The Intramuros Administration (“IA”) and Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation (“ETFFI”) are holding an ideas design competition for the development of the presently idle area prominently sited near Manila City Hall and the Manila Bulletin Building. The objective is to provide for the expansion of Escuela Taller training facilities while respecting and indeed enhancing, the history and appearance of the Intramuros fortifications.

The competition is open to young Filipino designers and students and seeks to accomplish the following:

Encourage discourse and generate ideas for the expansion of the ETFFI training facilities and other auxiliary spaces to anticipate growth and future needs;

Enhance the preservation, appearance and relevance of Intramuros fortifications in the context of present day Escuela Taller requirements;

Promote the development of expertise and specialists that may be integrated with the ETFFI team; and

Promote awareness and critical thinking among young Filipino designers and students in redefining space used within the context of a heritage site.

The Intramuros Administration was established in 1979 to oversee the restoration, development and promotion of Intramuros, the historic center of Manila and seat of government for close to 400 years. Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation, Inc. (ETFFI) is a non-profit institution created in 2009 with the support of the Philippine and Spanish Governments. It trains out-of-school youth in traditional trades needed for tangible heritage preservation.

Escuela Taller occupies the Revellin de Recoletos on Victoria Street and Taft Avenue and has been authorized by IA to expand in the former moat area bounded by Baluarte de San Andres, the curtain wall towards Victoria Street, Revellin de Recoletos, and a public parking lot. The hope is that the project will be a model for the contemporary and sympathetic use of space adjacent to heritage structures.

The objective of the competition is to generate ideas to accommodate the growth of ETFFI beside the existing campus facilities. (See Lot Plan and Location Map).
Schemes should be based on an analysis of the activity systems and operations of the training facility within the given site. The distribution of spaces and space relationships should also be based on the requirements of ETFFI. The users of the facilities include ETFFI trainees, assessors, instructors and administrative personnel.
Ideas and solutions should be firmly latched on to both the descriptive essay of the concept and the overall space program. The concepts should also observe the regulations and standards set forth by the Intramuros Administration.

Students, recent graduates, young designers and talented Millennials between the ages of 18 and 28, with or without formal college education, may participate, either individually or in groups.
Groups shall designate a group head who shall be named and communicated in the Dossier “1” of the submission.
Persons who have at least a 2nd degree relationship or any affiliation or link to any member of the Jury, Technical Panel, or staff member of IA or ETFFI may not participate in the competition.


Schedule of Participants’ Optional Site Open Visit and Forum: March 16, 2018
Deadline of Registration and Submission of Ideas: April 30, 2018
Announcement of Winners: May 2018
Participants may address questions and request clarifications to ETFFI before April 30, 2018 through Questions concerning the nature of the ideas, the jury composition and other similar queries will not be entertained.

Interested persons are invited to a general briefing and open forum at the Escuela Taller Office on March 16 at 10:00 a.m. Complete agenda of this day will be announced in Escuela Taller’s Facebook Page (Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation, Inc.) and website ( Arrangement for site visits will also be announced during the general briefing.


A competition kit shall be made available to the participants as downloadable files or can be personally collected in ETFFI premises with prior arrangement. These downloadable files shall be made available as a link of the website of the Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation, Inc. The Kit contains the following:
Terms of Reference
Location Map and Lot Plan
ETFFI and IA Backgrounder/Brochure
Site photographs (including aerial photographs)
Intramuros Backgrounder / History website links

To download, please check the link below

To know more about Intramuros and the Intramuros Administration :


No fee will be charged for joining the competition subject to the strict compliance with competition rules and procedures. Submissions that do not conform with competition procedures shall be disqualified.
The competition shall follow a strict anonymity policy in all phases of the evaluation and judging process. Submissions and proposals with identifying marks or that in other respects fail to respect the anonymity rule shall be eliminated.
Participants will submit the proposals in digital format (PDF) by email to : , with an identification code in the subject, with no other text, and attaching only 2 folders containing the following:

Folder “1” _
1. Selected Identification Code (4 nonconsecutive letters and 4 nonconsecutive digits), and title of the proposal (max 25 characters). Code will be maintained in all phases of the process and will be the subject of the email submission.
2. Name of participant/s in the competition, contact email address and phone number of responsible focal point, if in a group.

Folder “2”.
Outputs on the translation of ideas should be included in this dossier, without any identification other than the Code. The document must have at least a .pdf extension A3-A4 format, and may be composed as a panel. List of information to be submitted is the following:
A4 Bound Sketch Journal (max 2 A4 page, 1 MB size), which may contain:
Concept in a short explanatory essay
Programming of spaces
Schematics / Sketch drawings
A3 Bound Translations (max 4 A3 page, 4 MB size), which may contain:
Site Development Plan and details
Axonometric/Aerial Perspective of the entire site
evolution of ideas and concepts 3D Perspectives, showing spaces of interest
Material Specifications and Spot Details
Other additional formats and sizes may be subject to acceptance by the organizers in this competition phase

The competition shall be divided into two categories, namely: (a) Submissions by young Filipino designers and (b) Submissions by undergraduate college or university students.
The procedure for selecting the competition winners is as follows:

Starting on April 31, 2018, pre-selection will be conducted by a Technical Panel appointed by ETFFI and IA. The panel shall evaluate all submissions and prepare a short-list of semi-finalists numbering at least fifteen (15). The short listed participants shall be requested to submit a printed format of the digital submissions as basis for a second round of evaluation.
The second round shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by ETFFI and IA which shall perform its work with assistance from the Technical Panel. The Jury shall initially prepare a list of six (6) finalists who may be invited for interviews at the discretion of the Jury.

Final Jury deliberations will be conducted in May 2018 at which time the prize winners will be determined.
The judges’ evaluation shall be on the basis of responsiveness to the place as a heritage site, relevance to the overall development of Intramuros, and appropriateness to the needs of Escuela Taller.
Winners shall be announced in May 2018 at a formal Awards Ceremony.

The prizes for the winners in the different categories are the following:
Millennial Designers
Trophy or Token awarded by IA
Employment Contract in a permanent basis with ETFFI, working on the site project development.

Millennial Students
Trophy or Token awarded by ETFFI
Internship of 6 months in ETFFI, with a work schedule as agreed upon with ETFFI.
Special prize for the most original approach on cultural heritage
Trophy or Token

Grand Prizes
The Jury shall award three (3) Grand Prizes selected from all submissions that will receive Trophies and cash of P20,000, P10,000 and P5,000 for the first, second and third places respectively.


The submission of entries to this competition shall be considered as complete acceptance of the Terms of Reference and acceptance of the Jury’s decision as final.
The ideas will become the intellectual property of their authors. However, their participation in this competition shall be understood as grant of authorization for the organizing institutions to use any and all aspects of the submission as a guide or inspiration for the final project.

The winners of the competition shall work for a maximum of 6 months with ETFFI and IA to produce a technical proposal integrating one or more components of the winning ideas. The final product will be considered legal ownership of ETFFI under any circumstances.

It shall also be understood that the authors of the ideas shall be recognized for their contribution to the project. However, they may not be recognized as the professional designer of such a project if they are not duly licensed by any appropriate Philippine professional regulatory board.

It shall also be understood that upon joining this ideas competition, the authors of the ideas give the organizing institutions the rights to use, reproduce, disseminate, communicate and diffuse said ideas. It is also understood that neither ETFFI nor IA shall sell the final product, commercialize it in any way, or obtain any fee or financial benefit from it without the knowledge and authorization of the participant concerned.

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