• Casa Blanca Loggia

    Year: 2010

    Duration: 6 months

    Location: Casa Blanca, San Luis Complex, Intramuros, Manila City

    In 2010, the first batch of students had the opportunity to learn while doing conservation works onthe loggia (exterior covered corridor) within the Plaza San Luis complex in Intramuros.

    The elevated loggia is used as a gallery and a function area, but overtime, the terracotta-tiled roof sustained significant damage, while its heavy weight was causing structural failure on the wooden rafters and columns that supported this heavy load.

    Carpentry students dismantled the roof tiles to relieve the rafters of the weight which also allowed them to perform repairs to various wooden members of the roof frame and even some of the wooden columns.As the students worked on the various parts of the structure, they were able to hone their skills in carpentry especially in joinery.When the roof framing system was stabilized, lighter terracotta tiles were installed.The Painting and Finishing students were able to apply their skills tothe project during its finishing stage.

    With the six months of rehabilitation works by the students, the Casa Blanca Loggia was able tocontinue to serve its function asan exterior gallery and reception area in Plaza San Luis.

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