• Malate Church

    Year: 2011-2015

    Duration: 4 years

    One of the biggest projects of Escuela Taller so far, the restoration of the Our Lady of Remedies Parish church exterior walls and doors actually started in 2010 when a fragment of stone fell from the exterior wall moulding.

    Realizing that the heritage structure needed conservation works, the parish initially tapped 5 graduates of the school to work on one bay of the exterior wall to see the extent of wall deterioration and perform intervention works that would protect the sensitive building fabric.Starting 2011, when an agreement between Malate Church and the Escuela Taller was formalised, more graduates and students were integrated to the project as the initial works revealed that more manpower were needed to address the problems that were discovered.The parish launched a fund-raising campaign that would support the needed conservation works for 5 years.

    The conservation plan meant that the students of the school were able to learn conservation skills while working on the church.All of the 6 workshops of the school were able to participate in the project, which was expanded to include other rehabilitation works on other components of the structure—the Carpentry and Woodworks group repaired the doors; the Electrical workshop performed some rewiring and reconfiguration of power and lighting system; the Metalworks and Painting and Finishing helped in repairing and cleaning the stained glass window metal frames; the Plumbing workshop rehabilitated the roof drainage and installed new drainage lines on the church grounds. Majority of the works were by the Masonry workshop where they performed consolidation and plastering works on the exterior walls.

    By December 2015, the consolidation of the church’s main facade had been completed, using a conservative intervention approach where the geometric detail and texture of one of the most ornately decorated churches in the country were properly preserved and protected.

    At the moment, preliminary investigations and tests are being done as part of the planning stages for the Phase 2 of the Malate Church restoration. It is foreseen that the focus of the works would include the rehabilitation and re-plastering of the interior walls of the church as well as the refurbishment of the church grounds.

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