• Mangatarem Church

    Year: 2015

    Duration: 4 months

    Considered as an emergency-response project due to the condition of the church walls, the St.Raymond Parish in Mangatarem, Pangasinan was the site for the on-the-job training of the 5thbatch of masonry students of Escuela Taller.

    This on-the-job training project, which started in December 2015, lasted for four months. When the Technical Team conducted its ocular inspection, stones were precariously hanging due to the advanced plant growth on the walls. Due to high risks to the building and especially to church goers, the masonry team quickly moved into respond to the much needed rehabilitation works.Along with the students we re experienced masons from the Malate project to ensure quality of work and to mentor the trainees during the conservation works.

    Satisfied with the work, the Diocese of Alminos invited the Escuela Taller Technical Team to present the case of Mangatarem churchto the dierent parish priests under the said Diocese to encourage them to partner with Escuela Taller in the maintenance work of their churches.

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