• Revellin de Recoletos

    Year: 2009-2014

    Duration: The works on the rehabilitation of the campus was done by phase where every year, since 2009 until 2014, renovation, refurbishment and improvements of the facilities were being executed by the Escuela Taller trainees as part of their hands-on activities.

    When it first opened in 2009, Escuela Taller's home was a humble garden within Revellin de Recoletos. Using the vaulted chambers and covered corridors as classrooms and workshop areas, the school was ale to produce skilled graduates with a modest facility. Improvements were definitely needed. In 2010, right before the end of the first training cycle, Escuela Taller decided to overhaul its facilities with the help of the trained workers themselves. Proper classrooms were constructed, a faculty lounge was provided, and activity areas were improved and defined for each workshop. The previous rusty steel gatewas replaced by a classic stone entrance arch that welcomes students and visitors as they enter the campus. Until now, Escuela Taller is still being improved one area at a time to further develop the school's facilities that would provide a suitable learning atmosphere for its students.

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