• San Pablo Cathedral Façade

    Year: 2015-ongoing

    Duration: 1 year-ongoing

    After the Bohol earthquake, owners and custodians of heritage buildings became more conscious ofthe real conditions of their buildings.St. Paul the First Hermit Cathedral in San Pablo Laguna consulted Escuela Taller about the state of their church and sought recommendations for solutions to problems that may be found.

    An ocular inspection followed by investigative work on the main façade were conducted. The studies revealed the presence of considerable amount of moisture behind the cement plastered brick wall.Escuela Taller recommended to replace the cement plaster with a lime-based one to allow the bricks to“ breathe” and for moistureto evaporate from the masonry walls.

    Funded by the parish itself, the project commenced in January 2015 where the initial works included the removal of the cement plaster which revealed a more serious threat to the building—the existing superstructure over the pediment was a reinforced concrete mass that was added to the original wall.

    This discovery was assessed in consultation with structural engineers whose advise was to remove this concrete superstructure and restore the pediment design to its original form.Damaged mouldings due to prolonged presence of moisture were repaired while a terracotta red lime-based plaster will be applied. The terracotta red colour is based on traces of original plasters which were found after the cement plaster was removed.

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