• Santa Ana Church Façade

    Year: late 2013-2015

    Duration: 14 months

    Similar to most heritage churches in the Philippines, the adobe stones of the main façade of the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church in Sta. Ana, Manila also suffered from various forms of damage and deterioration. Cement-based repairs, growth of woody plants, and carbon deposits are the obvious cause of damage to the stones.

    In 2014, when the Cofradia was given a grant by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts toaddress these problems, students guided by the graduates of Escuela Taller were deployed toperform the needed maintenance work on the church’s main façade.Cement-based repairs were removed, stones were dismantled to completely remove the root system of plants, heavily eroded adobe stones were replaced, and joints were repointed using lime-based mortar. To protect the stones from further erosion, a thin layer of lime render was applied.

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