Other Services


Escuela Taller de Filipinas occupies the historical site of Revellin de Recoletos in Intramuros.

What is a Revellin? Why Recoletos? If you wish to know more about Philippine Culture and Heritage, ETFFI offers on-site educational and interactive session at Escuela Taller facilities and ongoing conservation projects.


If your organization would like to contribute to the effort of preserving our Philippine heritage, Escuela Taller de Filipinas also organizes Corporate Social Responsibility activities such as hands-on activities for Heritage Conservation Advocacy.


One of our mandates is to heighten heritage awareness. Escuela Taller de Filipinas believes that it is necessary to do it at different levels, reaching a wider audience. For this reason, we organize academic conferences and seminars. We also conduct workshops and lectures for stakeholders and private owners.


ETFFI graduates and students have skills in basic furniture production and fabrication of architectural building components. For instance, they fabricated wooden pedestals, light boxes and metal stands for banners that were used for exhibitions at the National Library and Ayala Museum. Escuela Taller has set up its own exhibit at WTA Anthology and National Arts and Crafts Fair in 2018.


Escuela taller de Filipinas has occasionally offered some specific restoration services, restoring old architectural components, cabinetry and furniture, which are all done with the participation of the graduates and trainees.

In the future, ETFFI will oer these restoration services among their permanent service portfolio.