Call for nominations of candidates for scholarships are announced beginning the month of March every year. The Candidates that are eligible to apply should meet the following requirements:

  1. Residing in the selected/chosen area for at least 10 months.
  2. Out of school youth, 17 – 25 years old.
  3. At least second year high school level.
    (Only 1 student per family will be accommodated).

The deadline for submission of nominations for candidates and submission of the Candidates’ Documentary Requirements is mid-May of every year. The Documentary Requirements are as follows:

  1. Endorsement from local DSWD/Barangay or ETFFI Partner (whichever is applicable).
  2. Birth Certificate (PSA Certified).
  3. Barangay Clearance (dated).
  4. Certified true copies of school records (Form 137/138).
  5. Certificate of Indigency.
Once the Documentary Requirements have been received and verified, the Candidates are invited to attend an orientation to be scheduled in June and will be conducted by ET Selection Committee in collaboration with the local DSWD representative, and other partners such as the Parishes or LGUs.
The Candidates are then scheduled to take the ETEE and to be interviewed by the ET Selection Committee in July. Once the Candidates have passed these two requirements, he or she will be required to have a Medical examination to determine the fitness of the candidate to work. These Second Level Requirements are listed below:
  1. Passed the Escuela Taller Entrance Examination (ETEE).
  2. Passed the interview conducted by ET Selection Committee.
  3. Passed the medical examination.
  4. Announcements for the Acceptance into the Program take place in August.