We shall form Filipino youth to become protectors of the Philippine built heritage.

Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation, Inc. (ETFFI) is a training center located in Intramuros, the historic walled city of Manila. The primary objective of this training center is to equip the youth with knowledge and specialized skills to help them uplift their economic status while focusing on the preservation of heritage structures. Since 2009, ETFFI has trained 7 batches of trainees, thus producing 300 heritage restoration workers.

ETFFI students are mainly from the nearby Manila districts, such as Baseco compound, Paco, Tondo. ETFFI provides them skills in traditional construction and conservation methods through the “learning by doing” concept of teaching, where the trainees participate in on-the-job training projects, restoring structures that belong to the community, to the Philippine heritage.

This is a fundamental strategy to guarantee an effective application of the required theoretical knowledge and to achieve better access to employment upon completion of the formation.

ETFFI students contribute in preserving the heritage of their country and in making the society aware of how significant it is to conserve our own patrimony.




  • Empower unemployed Filipino youth and improve their access to the labor market.
  • Raise the consciousness of Filipinos in heritage.
  • Promote the conservation of the tangible heritage in the Philippines following internationally accepted standards.